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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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couple's family says that they are happy but hesitant until they know for sure that the couple is alive and safe. these are the last known images of the oakland couple garrett hand and jamie neal on an adventure of a lifetime bicycling in south america. but with no word of the couple since january 25, their family grew worried something terrible had happened. they enlisted the help of the state department. then late this afternoon, a glimmer of hope. garrett's family released this statement: "u.s. embassy and peruvian minister of the interior claim that garrett hand and jamie neal have been seen in local village. the family says they have received calls from the u.s. embassy with information garrett and his girlfriend have been spotted in a remote village in peru. they are on a boat on the river and they are sending a plane to find them. the family is expecting more information and possible
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confirmation tomorrow. >> i want to believe it. but until i hear her voice and until i know that somebody has physically seen them, i just am not going to get my hopes up until that happens. >> thank you. >> reporter: employees at this bike shop in el sobrante where jamie worked are hopeful this latest news the couple has been located is really true. >> well, i'm really happy. you know, we heard a lot of bad things that could have been and we are happy to hear they weren't. i'm thrilled to hear that they are a-okay. i'm elated. >> reporter: and we just received this information from the mother. let me reiterate until we have proof of life we cannot celebrate these rumors and sightings. she goes on to say, proof of life is my son's voice on the phone and a picture of him holding the missing poster and as a mother you can't blame
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her. >> no. thanks. we are told that peruvian officials must now confirm their passports match that of the couple garrett hand and jamie neal. a mysterious mayday call off monterey bay is looking more and more like a hoax. >> coast guard, coast guard, we're band okay ship. this is the charmblow. we are abandoning ship. >> a man radioed in sunday to say he and his family were ditching their sinking sailboat. kpix 5's cate caugiran tells us, the search has been called off but the case is not closed. >> reporter: the coast guard says they just didn't have enough information to continue on. there was no missing persons report and no record of a sailboat with that name in the area which led to the difficult decision this morning. now, the coast guard says the search started sunday night off monterey bay. they received two distress calls from a man claiming he and his wife 4-year-old and a young cousin were on a sailboat taking on water and they needed
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to abandon ship. searchers scoured 22,000 square miles of water but with little to no evidence, the coast guard says they are exploring the possibility that there was no family in the first place. >> the possibility of a hoax exists. but as of the time that was not a concern. our concern was there's possibly four lives in peril and we need to rescue them. >> reporter: in addition to the coast guard, the u.s. navy and california national guard and small boat crews from station monterey helped in the search effort. now, coast guard tells me even though the search is called off, it doesn't mean the case is closed. they will continue to investigate on an administrative level. on yerba buena island, cate caugiran, kpix 5. so far the coast guard hasn't given a price tag for how much the search cost. san francisco's new cruise ship terminal is open for business. the first ships to dock at the new facility will be anything but luxury liners. kpix 5 reporter linda yee at the new terminal with a look at who will be setting up shop
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there. linda. >> reporter: allen, not luxury liners yet but they will be in the very near future. we'll see the america's cup racing teams here first. all steel and glass a modern facility, city leaders are excited and hoping it will bring more cruise lines into the city as one. builders said today, she is all dressed up and ready for the prom. >> 3, 2, 1! whoo! [ applause ] >> reporter: it's the countdown to what the city hopes will attract more cruise lines. phase 1 of a new $90 million cruise terminal on the waterfront is officially done. >> the cruise lines themselves have already given two awards for this terminal and it's not open yet so that signals to me how important it is to them and to the experience of their passengers. and if you think of it they are really a simply floating hotels and they go where the demand is. >> reporter: the port expects 200,000 cruise passengers a year will pass through here boosting the local economy by
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$31 million. but before the second phase of the terminal is done, the city will get some money from the first tenant, the america's cup races this summer. >> selling period starts around the 4th of july and then will go through all the way until the 20th of september. we are going to experience over 50 days of racing up and down the bay. we're thrilled that the america's cup has been a catalyst to help us get this facility here for san francisco. >> reporter: after the races building begins for phase 2 making the terminal operational for cruise ships. it will only be used about 25% of the time for cruise passengers. the rest of the year, the terminal will be rented for special events and private parties. the mayor estimates he will need to raise about $20 million to finish the project. some money that was lost when the america's cup downsized to only three major races. >> i think right now it's still a challenge for me. i'm the point man to raise the money so i'm spending critical time to do that.
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i don't want the city to have not fulfilled its obligation so i'm working hard to make sure that's covered. >> reporter: where i'm standing will be a 2.5 acre park for the public. they will begin phase 2 of the building after the races are over. they expect this to be the new cruise terminal for san francisco beginning in spring of 2014. live along the san francisco waterfront, linda yee, cbs 5. had -- kpix 5. >> we should add the port authority says that new terminal will generate 300 new jobs. the san jose city council is debating a proposed food ordinance to ban food containers containing styrofoam phasing out the use of styrofoam food containers in large restaurants by january 1, 2014, and for all restaurants a year later. city leaders environmentalists say styrofoam clogs waterways and storm drains. in oakland the people who
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live in one west side neighborhood say they are being targeted by graffiti bombing. the spray-paint scrawled across churches, homes even cars. they say that the group responsible is well known in their community. one frustrated resident claims oakland police are not equipped to handle it. >> this is vandalism. this isn't art, it's vandalism! i called opd. they responded. they only had one officer who responds to this kind of probable policemen. >> carlos valentino says the problems began four months ago and the vandals are more aggressive. the city of oakland spent more than a million dollars last year to paint over graffiti. in san jose, police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run. it happened around 1:00 this morning. a woman crossing at monterey road and bellevue avenue was hit by the driver of a dark colored car. she died at the hospital a short time later. we heard a loud explosion behind us.
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i looked back and saw lots of smoke. >> a fiery crash caught on tape. the new information about what caused a hot air balloon to fall out of the sky. >> new findings uncover a shocking increase in aggressive breast cancers in very young women. why bay area experts are concerned for both women and men in tonight's healthwatch. >> have you checked out your power bill recently? that gas portion of the bill is probably pretty high because nights have been chilly. tonight will be no exception. we are look at upper 30s in concord and fairfield and fremont. here's a live look outside. mainly sunny skies now. your weekend forecast coming up. >> then many didn't think it would actually happen. now they are scrambling to come up with a backup plan as lawmakers run out of time to prevent deep spending cuts.
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what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. diagnosed with deadly cases of breast cancer. a new report shows the number has tripled over the past thirty years. dr. kim - on what we are seeing more and more younger women diagnosed with deadly breast cancer. a new report shows the number
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has tripled over the past 30 years. what might be fueling the trend, dr. kim reports. >> this is the chest muscle. >> reporter: researchers pored over data at the national cancer institute and made a startling discovery. since the 1970s, the number of young women diagnosed with deadly breast cancer is slowly but steadily going up. >> this terrible metastasized late stage breast cancer is increasing in young women. >> reporter: the number rose from roughly 250 cases in 1976 to 850 cases 30-year later. >> this gives us huge process what's going on in young women to cause aggressive breast cancers. >> reporter: while the study doesn't say what's driving the trend -- >> it is mind-boggling. >> reporter: -- this breast cancer specialist has an idea. >> i think we're living in a big chemical soup. >> reporter: goodson says the cancers in the report are fueled by hormones but don't
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blame birth control pills. >> that doesn't explain what goes on with men. and something is affecting men in roughly the same way it is affects women. >> reporter: he says we are seeing a similar trend in male breast cancer. he suspects chemicals like bpa, a controversial compound that's thought to mimic estrogen and used in everything from plastic bottles to the linings in cans. >> the degree to which chemicals have been part or become part of what we are is -- is -- is staggering. >> reporter: the american chemistry council says bpa has been evaluated around the world and declared safe. but experts say if you are concerned, you can minimize exposure. don't microwave food in plastic. buy food in glass jars or tetrapacks and say no to receipts. >> better to be safe. thank you. a sightseeing tour ends in a deadly crash. new information about what caused an egyptian hot air balloon to go up in flames. >> we are live in santa cruz
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with the very latest on a manhunt after an officer was shot there. land o' lakes spreadable butter
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with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? more now on the breaking news story out of santa cruz.
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a shooting has reportedly left an officer wounded two others may also have been injured in the shooting late this afternoon. it's in a neighborhood near downtown santa cruz. it happened near a house on north fransiorti avenue. the surrounding area is under lockdown. police are conducting a investigation in a very wide section of the neighborhood. kpix 5's kiet do is live there tonight with the latest details. kiet. >> reporter: the scotts valley s.w.a.t. tank has rolled up on the area. various agencies are converging on the scene. the public information officer is busy. the information is very murky at this point. we are hearing two, possibly three people shot.
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some of them possibly one officer we're hearing now possibly two officers injured. it looks like they are getting ready to make some sort of raid. the officers are walking around now with their assault weapons and bulletproof vests on. so it looks like some sort of activity is picking up looks like they are getting ready to do something. so as i mentioned, the pio is getting ready to do a briefing so we are going over there to get the latest information. as far as we know, somewhere between two and three people shot, up to two officers down as a result of the shooting that happened around 4:00 when officers were chasing a subject behind some homes. schools are on lockdown. no one at the schools were injured. but very fluid and rapidly moving chaotic situation here in santa cruz. we'll stay on the scene and bring you the latest. >> kiet, a quick question. originally they had said this started with some type of chase. has anybody filled you in on
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that? > >> murky information possibly involving a car a white toyota corolla possibly a honda involved in this. there was a citywide manhunt now. shortly after this incident happened here on branciforte and water, another shooting happened about 10 minutes later on doyle and this is just across the main section here a couple of blocks away. we are going to listen to the public information officer's briefing and get some more information. >> thank you. kiet do reporting live from santa cruz. so we'll let kiet do that and we'll have the information if we get it in this newscast half hour. always check in an it will be at the top of our newscast at 6:00. new video at 5:00 shows the moments a hot air balloon catches fire and plunges into a sugar cane field in egypt. you can see the balloon smoking
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in the sky. now, right before its 1,000- foot drop 19 of the 24 tourists on board died. a landing cable got caught on a helium tube causing a gas canister to explode. >> we heard a loud explosion behind us. i looked back and saw lots of smoke. >> they saw a pilot and a tourist jump out of the basket as the balloon was going down. they were the only two survivors. a winter storm is paralyzing the nation's midsection for the second time in a week. arkansas, iowa and illinois are next in line for the blizzard that's already buried the southern place. in amarillo, texas folks are digging out of 19" of snow. across the midwest more than 100,000 homes and businesses are now without power. and three people have died.
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>> it's getting nasty. a bus jackknifed. >> the storm is pushing warm weather to the southern states that could spawn tornadoes. >> man, you look at that and it's kind of embarrassing to talk about how nice we have it. >> cry me a river, right? >> we have had i'll say it every day because it continues some of the best weather in the entire country for winter. allotted of folks dealing with severe weather -- a lot of folks dealing with severe weather and winter storms. for us filtered sunshine in the south bay. we'll take a peek from oakland looking toward the bay bridge, mount tam in the background stage right. concord 65 right now, livermore 66. a sea breeze has kicked n oakland you hit 68. you're now down to 61. san francisco on the peninsula, another chilly day. 54 degrees. but we're not complaining. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry will stay dry for the next several days. we will finish february with
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only one and one-third inches of rainfall for the first two months of the year. that's the driest start officially in san francisco downtown at the u.s. mint since 185. the driest start to a year in 161 years. this pattern that we have right now is the pattern that's been locked in place for about the past 8 weeks. that pattern is high pressure off to the west. the activity is all getting kicked up to the north and the pacific northwest is getting the rainfall. we are virtually getting 0 of the rainfall. onshore flow continues tomorrow. so right along the coastline and on the peninsula including the city of san francisco, we will be relatively chilly once again with 60s even upper 60s inland. by friday, the winds will change. just a subtle change from northwest to northeast but that's enough to give us an offshore wind and get everybody into the 70s. friday will be the warmest day of the week the first day of march, widespread 70s. a little cooler and cloudier toward the weekend as an onshore flow comes back and lo and behold we have some showers in the forecast. but you will have to wait until
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next tuesday. about 7 days away. san francisco tomorrow 61. but warmer inland. livermore 65. san jose 66. 67 for morgan hill and gilroy. fremont 65. redwood city 65. a pair of 6s for concord, walnut creek and danville and pleasanton. mainly sunny skies for mill valley, 62 for you. santa rosa 65 and daly city and south city coming in right around 60 degrees. milder on thursday and -- mild isn't good enough for 70s. warmer on friday. right around 70 on saturday. then we'll cool off a bit to the mid-60s. and there is a slight chance of a shower next tuesday. this is a dry pattern and this is not changing. >> we're in it. >> we are smack-dab in the middle of it >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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billion dollar budget cuts. as c-b-s reporter danielle nottingham shows us... if lawmakers don't reach a deal by friday, you could be paying the price. ((roll pkg)) p president obama hit the trail to discuss the automatic
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spending cuts. >> reporter: president obama warned workers at virginia's newport news shipyard they may have to stay home without pay if congress doesn't step in to stop automatic spending cuts. >> this work along with hundreds of thousands of jobs are currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> reporter: the cuts set to kick in march 1 will take a $46 billion chunk out of the defense department's budget. shipyard employees listening to the president are preparing for the worst. >> if i'm one of those i guess laid off, trying to figure out how i would continue to go and earn my money to pay for college. >> reporter: if the president and congress can't reach a budget compromise, it's not only big navy ship builders who will be affected. those automatic cuts are expected to trickle down. pedro alfonso employs 120 workers to install communications fiber. he has already been notified some of his government
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contracts will be put on hold. >> we thought sequestration wouldn't happen, no way it could happen, they're going to solve this, all of a sudden it becomes real. >> reporter: house republicans are pointing the finger at the president. >> where's thpresident's plan to avoid this sequester? have you seen one? i haven't seen one. all i've heard is that he wants to raise taxes again. >> reporter: the president wants to see a mix of higher taxes and spending cuts. republicans agree to raise taxes in the "fiscal cliff" deal last month. and they say that's enough. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> scott pelley sat down with house speaker john boehner to discuss what if anything can be done to stop the budget cuts. hear what he has to say on the "cbs evening news" right after this newscast. a san francisco woman was honored in washington today for her dedication to improving education among african- americans. the white house honored her and nine others from around the
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country as champions of change. she is the first deaf-blind student at harvard law school currently on the way to becoming a disability rights lawyer. we'll be right back.
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] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ ♪ cruz he is in a press breifing right now. just now coming up tonight at 6:00, cbs 5 reporter keit do was the first reporter on the scene of a shooting at santa cruz. he i current in a press briefing right now. two officers have been injured. chopper 5 live over the scene of a neighborhood on lockdown.
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we'll have the very latest from santa cruz tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for watching at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: t with the budget ax falling, the government starts releasing illegal immigrants from jail. elaine quijano has that story. and we'll talk to the speaker of the house about whether friday's budget crisis can be avoided. >> i frankly think this is outrageous. >> pelley: dean reynolds on a major winter storm making travel dangerous. but do the clouds have a silver lining? civil rights battles led to the landmark voting rights act, but now jan crawford tells us the supreme court is about to hear a challenge to the law. and long before ben affleck told the oscar-winning story -- >> you have to know your resume back to front. >> pelley: -- david martin broke
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the story. >> you consider success to be the fact that nobody knew. broke th captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from washington. >> pelley: good evening, detention cells are opening in several states tonight. hundreds of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation are instead being released because the obama administration says it can't afford to hold them. it's a response to automatic across-the-board cuts in federal spending that are due to begin on friday. these cuts were never intended to happen. they were designed by both parties to be so harmful that they would force the president and congress to compromise on a better way. but they haven't. a short while ago, we spoke to the republican speaker of the house, john boehner. you know this place better than anyone. it can't be done before friday. this is going to happen, isn't it?


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